Closing: Film Featured Weltrestaurant Possibly Closing Come July

March 12, 2018|Openings/Closings

Kreuzberg- Markthalle 9 standby and long term resident restaurant, Weltrestaurant, captured in feature film as well as in post Berlin Wall hearts and minds is apparently closing in July. The qualifying, “apparently” is only present because it is unclear whether the restaurant itself will close, or if the owner is simply calling it quits after the contract negotiations turned. The Markthalle peeps are interested in keeping the joint as is, and the owner wants to “peace it” to Cuba, resto and all. This seems a little odd as the owner actually took over to some degree at Cabslam and is listed there as the general manager. There seems to have been some miscommunication afoot regarding Weltrestaurant and its future. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Pücklerstrasse 34

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