Rolling Pin Modified Competition Is Open, Debacle In The Rearview

March 12, 2018|Awards

Invitations for voting in the Rolling Pin┬ácompetition to select Germany’s top chefs and gastronome personele have been sent out and after the last years debacle, undoubtedly the Rolling Pin crew is under a microscope. Last year RP held a chef’s only competition that caused quite the uproar as among the candidates for the top chef, of which there were fifty, only one was a woman. Add to that, that there was some major social media out cry that was handled quite poorly on the part of Rolling Pin and it ended up becoming a story that predates the current #MeToo movement by a couple of months. Nominations were handed in last month for the restaurant proffesionals varying fields and the top nominees have been revealed last week. It seems as though the competition regulations have wisely shifted from last years practice, only revealing the top three nominations for each category. This doesn’t seem to solve the incongruence, however if you are looking for the gastro industry to blaze the trail for social congruency, it would appear that you have been somewhat misguided, meritocracies being what they are and all. Check out the competition here.

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