Events Of The Week: Schluck, Klezmer, Salami & More

March 12, 2018|Best Of The Week

A busy week of events, from openings, to releases, to that swingin’ klezmer muse… Here it goes:

Tonight Schluck Magazine, the wine centric publication is doing an event hosted at the veggie joint over on Tor, Gärtnerei. They are celebrating the release of their sixth edition of the new magazine and there is talk of some gastro peeps being a part of the fun. Check it out here

Tomorrow you got The Sausage Man Never Sleeps doing an oven takeover at Salami Social Club which is a whole lot of words for a food event, but Salami usually is a good standard for quality. Check it out here.

Also Tomorrow, if you’re big into the stylings of the jewish clarinet and the rolling holy food, a.k.a. “the bagel” you got Klezmer music going down over at Fine Bagels, and let Mr. Eatler tell you, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that schmear. Check it out here.

Coming up on Friday you got La Grande Bouffe over at Commonground, and lets hope that it is only an ode to the cult favorite French movie about four wealthy middle aged men who lock themselves in a chataeu and eat themselves to death. Because if it is not, the indigestion might be quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Commonground along with chef LOKI are putting up the dinner/event with a five course men and booze. Check it out here.

And also on Friday you got an opening party for Biererei Bar, the most difficult bar name to say after a pint or two, but Mr. Eatler kids the Biererei folk. Break a leg on opening night. Check it out here.


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