Reger Burger Food Truck Goes Crowd Funding For New Joint

March 9, 2018|Gossip

Friedrichshain- Die Neue Republik Reger, a new resto concept from the same guys that have been doing Reger Burger, the vegan burger food truck for the last couple of years, is looking to settle down. Without a kitchen and dining room or a hook to hang their hat on, they have taken to the streets, this time virtual, and have launched a crowd funding campaign to make theirdream of a lock and key burger joint a reality. Plenty of albums, movies and fanny packs have enjoyed the benefits of a crowd funding campaign, so why should burgers, vegan or otherwise, not be the just beneficiaries of so much public capital when they receive so much public love. Unclear if there is a date for the afformentioned location. It will most likely depend on the moolah. 

Boxhagner Strasse

reger burger

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