The Daily Dish + Opening: Aureen Green Waffle Power

March 9, 2018|Awards, Openings

Kreuzberg- Aureen Green, new cafe, “pleasure without guilt” joint opened up a little over a month ago over at the Skalitzer strip. Killer looking waffles, and if Mr. Eatler can chow down on those with out guilt they may very well be the Aureen Green Waffles Of Joy that Berlin has been waiting for. That is why this opening is in today’s double category of The Daily Dish. That’s right the waffles over at AG’s look like they are off the hook and the chain at the same time as the waffle game over there is both sweet and savoury. Go Eat That Now!

Oppelnerstr. 45

aureen green


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  1. Thank you so much for your words. It is a pleasure x

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