Oven Take Overs, Eiszeit, Salami, Sturgeons!!

March 8, 2018|DishLer

Some interesting Take Overs in the pipe line. Here it goes:

Friedrichshain- The Sausage Man Never Sleeps is doing a takeover at The Salami Social Club and no this is not a porn studio corporate merger, rather a delictable feast is about to unfurl over at Salami Social who has been hosting impressive takeovers over the last few months. Check it out here.

Mitte- Space Gourmet, a new-ish food company is doing a popup over at Lust Bar, where they will be putting forth some “full-flavored comfort food from around the world with plant based meat from our own secret recipes.” They stake a claim at being “pioneering and nostalgic at the same time” which is pretty heady stuff. Check them out here.

Kreuzberg- Eiszeit Kino, is hosting the post Nosh event where they will be showing a film about The Sturgeon Queens of New York. Old Jewish ladies and fish, that’s 120 minutes well spent Mr. Eatler would say. Check it out here.

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