The Yelpies: Kanaan Suffers The Small Minded With Grace

March 8, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Kanaan, the Israeli/Palestinian hummus maven who has won the political hearts and minds… and stomachs of HummuSexuals Berlin wide, have gotten themselves glommed onto by a bit of a hateful wretch. In today’s edition of The Yelpies, Mr. Eatler presents the small minded stylings of one particular theocrat, hell bent on getting semantic nomenclature correct!!! –‘Goddamnit! A Thing Is A Thing!!’- Might be something this particular scribe might shout at the sky as he gulps a first schluck of Pepsi instead of a Coke. The deal is that Kanaan has a series of events entitled Israeli-Palestinian Breakfast, Brunches, Cooking Classes etc… which by all accounts are lovely gatherings. However one Facebook stickler claims has a terrible gripe with the elected title. Kanaan responds in their usual, cool headed, open hearted, “its better together” manner. Here is the text.


Go eat the love at Kanaan and their Israeli-Palestinian events and maybe you can be a HummuSexual too. However today, they are doing some work in the kitchen so they’ll only be open from 3pm on.

Kopenhagener Str. 17

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