Tip Line Reveals New Kollwitzplatz Joint, Schuberts

March 6, 2018|Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- Restaurant Schuberts, a new Italian joint is setting up shop over near Kollwitzplatz in the same dining hall of the former Prenz. based greek joint Berkis, who vacated the spot they had opened a few years ago. Berkis is still in busy order over in Schöneberg. There is still not much info. about Restaurant Schubert’s position but the Tip Line reveals that it is pretty close to launch. Odd that they should choose the most German of composers for an Italian joint, but nonetheless, the owners may be Schuberts… or perhaps the Italian piece of information is inaccurate. Currently they have no social media, and their site is bannered at under construction, so its hard to know how valid all the speculations are. Eatler reached out to Schubert’s but there is no word as of yet, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast. One thing is for sure, Schubert must have loved that rigatoni, look at that chunky lover.

Wörtherstr. 33


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