Events Of The Week: A Shorty But A Goody

February 26, 2018|Events

Events Of The Week- A short list today to be sure, a shorty but a goody. Here we go:

In Mitte, later today you got Tim Raue’s Sra Bua hosting a Japanese six course dinner along with EAT! Berlin. The chefs will of course include Tim Raue, but will also include Daniel Marg and Yoshizumi Nagaya. Check it out here.

In Kreuzberg, tomorrow Ladidadi Wines hosts a new chef series at their headquarters, not to be confused with their new tasting room in collaboration with Wagner Cocktail Bistro. The deal is that they will host a chef every two weeks to make a menu for a private dinner in the upstairs dining area of their wine shop. Reservations only. Check it out here.

In Prenzlauer Berg, the much beloved Brammibals Donuts opens their second location. People are already excited… for real. Ain’t nobody got no time to take their donut lovin’ ass all the way from Prenz to Kreuz! Check it out here.

In Prenzlauer Berg, Allens Breakfast Club is starting the season off early with an Oyster Bar bonanza. Booze, oysters… nuff’said. Check it out here.

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