Top Mexican, Top Beer, According To Shit Talking Berlin Expats

February 26, 2018|Gossip

Oh, the shit talking has gone prolific on the invaluable Berlin Expats Group on Facebook. Every once in a while the group will generate a fantastic list of top joints to hit up if you want to try some specialty cuisine. Best Indian, best Dönner, best Pizza etc… Well, last week there were two highly provocative lists on the groups page. One for Beer and one for Mexican joints. Thats like talking about politics or religion at a family renunion. Someone is bound to be shouted down, and indeed the shouting went all the way down.

Some of the top joints listed in the Beer thread: BRLO, Stone Brewing, The Castle and a bunch of others. Check out the thread here. Some of the joints in contention for the Mexican thread: Dolores, Ta Cabron, Santa Maria and more. But Mr. Eatler can’t leave you without including some juicy shit talking. Check out the thread here. You have to be a member of Expats to see it, but you should be anyway, totally worth it!

Give a gander to this loquacious bunch:

Shit Talker 1– I grew up in LA, CA where we will take you to school in burritos. I have a doctoral degree in burritos and you can trust Dolores. Punkt.

Shit Talker 2–  does it taste like a so cal taqueria?

Shit Talker 3– Pfff LA, please. Y’all wouldn’t know an enchilada from a rolled taco if it slapped you in the face. San Diego Mexican food is where it’s at. #RepresentSD, son! …Okay, now that that’s out of the way: Dolores is like a slightly better version of Chipotle, minus the whole rats in the chicken ordeal. More like Nor-Cal health-food burrito. Think Gordos in SF but worse. If there is anyone out there who found a place where they actually GRILL (not broil) their meats day after day on the same greasy surface and don’t try to fill up a tortilla with corn and lettuce and call that a burrito, please god let me know… That said, Santa Cantina has pretty solid, if overpriced, tacos.

Shit Talker 4– Please. SF’s La Taqueria crushes SD. The Mission invented what we’re calling a burrito. San Diego has good TACOS but their burritos, nah. Clearly an exact science 

-Berlin Expats

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