Pregnancy Report: TOKI The White Rabbit Is Showing

February 13, 2018|Knocked Up|1 comments

Charlottenburg- TOKI The White Rabbit, the new veggie joint from recent Kitchen Impossible star and owner of Ryotei 893 is scheduled to open this weekend. And boy oh boy are the test dishes starting to spring forth from the bowels of the kitchen. Shit is coming together over at TOKI and the latest made member of the Kantstrassen Mafia is about to make its debut. Looks at these dishes coming out of that kitchen. Yummy looking Daily Dish future contender perhaps? Lets see what happens. A few more days to go.


white rabbit white rabbit

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1 Comment

  1. I hope this one has proper chairs and not just stools like Funky Fish.

    Seems to be an uncomfortable trend settling in many places…

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