Weekend Events: The Spanish Force Is Strong

February 9, 2018|Events

Weekend events have a certain, Yo no se que? That’s correct, practice your Spanish tongue with these couple of weekend events that span the hispanic world.

In Kreuzberg we got ChSu holding their Peruvian Pop Up rockin’ the ceviche, casava, cancha (roasted corn) and whole lot more. Check it out here.

Next up in Schönenberg, we got Esmerelda’s Inka Cafe doing a Sabor Norteno with some stewed lamb and Ceviche en crema de rocoto & Causa. Tamales, Empanadas, Lomo saltado, Chicharrones con Yuca, so go check this one out here

And last up, because what would this Latin American themed events weekend look like with out some Arepas, we’ve got and All Day Arepa Breakfast over in Prenzlauer Berg, hosted by Satt Und Glücklich. Check it out here.


Sabor Norteno

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