Capitalism Hits Simon Dach Str. Like A Mo’Fo’

February 7, 2018|Openings

Friedrichshain- What is going on over at Simon Dach Str.? Word on the street is that the gastro strip is floating locations left and right for the “up for grabs” segment. Are restaurants out-growing the Simon Dach digs, or is the market saturated? Perhaps its the populace that is unwilling to change with the rising level of cuisine in the hood? Or perhaps diners are simply unwilling to shell out more than a few bucks for a solid meal? Supply and demand, capitalism, that sort of thing.

As more and more restos are opening in Berlin, Darwin would tell us, that only the strongest survive. So perhaps it is the black hand of the market giving a helping hand to the thrivers and a flipping a big bird to anyone who can’t hack it, (thanks Adam Smith.) Oh that’s the market for you, one day it puts it’s hand in your pocket, the next it squeezes your nipple so hard it bleeds.




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