Neighbour Battles Rage On In Berlin Gastro Community

February 6, 2018|Gossip

Mitte- Well, the neighbour woes continue for the Berlin gastro community, as the residents voice the pain of living next to successful establishments. An article was recently published about Soho House, giving a platform to the aurally ailed neighbours who seem to not be able to deal with the Clooneys of the world partying next door. While this is clearly not a uniquely Berlin experience, it seems to be quite a pernicious little feature of the restaurateurs eco system. We have heard of the travails of Moksa, who was unfortunately forced out of their location, but there are many other successful and beloved restaurants that are having trouble. Yafo, the Israeli eat and hang joint over in Mitte had some troubles early on. Santa Cantina over in Friedrichshain has had to deal with the frustrating problem of neighbourly displeasure. And now it is clear that even the most powerful of establishments are having to deal with the problem as Soho House has been dealing with the very same issues. The battle rages on between the Gastro’s and the Burgers it seems. Who will win? Mr. Eatler is putting his money on “The Money”! C’mon Gastro!!


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