Yelpies: Yafo Suffers A Head Scratching Yelpie!

February 2, 2018|Gossip

The Yelpies have been out for some time, but every once in a while you find a whopper and doozy all in one. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the protocols of the elders of zion????… it seems???? Yafo, the lively Israeli joint that has been receiving much love from Berlin since it opened its doors about two years ago, got one of the aforementioned doozies a few weeks ago.  Here it goes:

Food was OK but nothing special compared to eating in a Fastfood Restaurant. Atmosphere was just Fake (Berlin Mitte Scene) and the Service was bad. The dishes arrived at different times, and you get kicked out after 90 Minutes without finishing your dessert because they have a new reservation. The staff is not willing to take your order in German. Come on this is not Berlin and this is not cool. For a separate bill they ask you to wait at the cassier because they are not willing to calculate at your table…..From my opinion this place is only full because of that pro Israel Hype, definitely not because you can spend a relaxed evening with Friends. -redacted name of reviewer (because cyber bullying is a fucked up thing!)-

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, an epicurean scribe, such as the specimen above, has every right to spout their opinion regarding a restaurant. Even if Mr. Eatler believes that they missed the mark on Yafo who’s ‘non Berlin-ness’ and ‘Chaos’ is a feature and not a bug.

Putting that aside, the thing that perks up Mr. Eatler’s antlers is the last sentence in the criticism, about “that pro Israeli Hype.” What does “THAT” pro Israel Hype actually mean? Which Hype? Does it refer to an Israeli restaurant reaching out to the Israeli community and creating Hype among Israeli diners? Or does it refer to some sort of “pro Israel” cabal that is somehow ‘putting one over’ on the Berlin gastro community? To Which THAT are you referring? Perhaps too much is being read into the expression “that pro Israeli Hype” but it does come off as a little bit suspect. With out a doubt, one definition is certainly more nefarious than the other and no fingers are being pointed, but it just goes to show how precarious these sorts of things can be.

Yafo is no stranger to some anti Israeli sentiments; a few months back they were tagged with some salacious graffiti. But the irony is that Yafo seems to be a relatively apolitical institution that works with every kind of religion, gender and sex. If anything, the message that Yafo seems to advertise is more of a hedonistic one:  Eat Drink Hang and be Merry, who ever you are!  Maybe it’s not for everyone.

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