Events Of The Week: Kolkata, Masala, Moksa, & More

January 29, 2018|Events

Events of the week: Some repeats, but all favorites. Is there a new trend hitting Berlin? Alot of midrange Indian this week. Could Gastropub & Indian be the future of Berlin dining trends? We have Kolkata, Masala and Moksa… Here it goes:

Friedrichshain- Santa Cantina is holding their regular event of Laksa Monday. So soup for winter, and while Mr. Eatler is happy with the weather being relatively docile, this just might be the calm before the literal storm. So Soup. Check it out here.

Neukölln- Kauz & Kiebitz is hosting with Rasa Barlin, a Kolkata Street Food event, and if you don’t know, Kolkata street food is the most legit street food there is. Go hit it up and chow down on a puchka and a cati roll. Check it out here.

Friedrichshain- Moksa Indian is coming back at you in a hard way, while they are looking for new digs they will be doing an oven takeover at Salami Social Club, who is starting to host some kickass joints. Pretty exciting. Check it out here.

Mitte- To The Bone, the meat centric joint over on Torstr. is hosting Italian celebrity butcher Dario Cecchini, for a dinner event. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Masala PopUp is going down later this week, hosted by When In Berlin and SATE, which have been doing a few other popups while they are traveling through Berlin. Oh the Journeyman Chef, the future of popup cuisine? Perhaps this will get its own post. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Kanaan is hosting another Isarali/Palestinian breakfast. Increase da peace, eat hummus. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Raum Schwalbe is doing a Brazilian Brunch Buffet, which is an intriguing concept, because really, what is Brazilian brunch. Check it out here.

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