Closings/Availablities: Adieu Tacos And Burgers

January 24, 2018|Openings

We got two for the rundown today. Both in the Kreuz nether regions, bidding adieu tacos and burgers.

KreuzKölln- El Gringo Tacos is up for grabs. Unclear what the reasoning behind this guy is because they seem to have had a pretty solid following. They did have some extractor issues back in April of last year and maybe the funk of carnitas just caused too much trouble? But that is just a wild guess. The joint is available at the end of the month at about 1.4k, but unclear if there is any key money or inventory in the deal.

Graefestrasse, 9

Kreuzberg- Hauptstadtburger is up for grabs coming up in a few months. Hauptstadt also has an outpost over in Potsdamer Platz, but its unclear if that is also somehow in the deal as that joint is more of a stand, whereas this one is a legit joint. About 4k a month rent, and key money at 145k. It is in a pretty solid hood, near Kottbuser Tor so lots of hungry hipsters.

Adalbertstr 6

adieu tacos

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