On The Hunt: Momos, The Castle, Agathe Restaurant

January 23, 2018|Gossip

On the hunt, the daily job search post has been absent from the Eatler pages for a little bit, but fret not, this is for good reason. All which will be explained at an opportune moment! But just so you don’t forget that the hunt is alive, we’ve got three joints on the hunt. First up, Momos, the veggie dumpling joint in Mitte is looking for some good people for the joint. Check it out here.

Next up, The Castle, the coolest beer joint also in Mitte is looking for peeps, either male, or female… or dare we say, other? Check it out here.

And last, and perhaps the most interesting opportunity here for anyone looking for something more, there was an advert put up by Agathe Restaurant, that is looking for, managing director, partner or investor. So if you are looking for something beyond the average gig, take a look here.


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