Events Of The Week: Chaostheorie, Microbiome, Noodles & More

January 22, 2018|Events

First up, tomorrow in Prenzlauer Berg is Chaostheorie hosting a “Dinnerstag” honoring The New York Diner. So the deal is that you get a whole menu based off of the NY Diner experience, albeit, a vegan menu, it is nevertheless intriguing. Will they be able to emulate the brown water known as coffee? Will they be able to get that NY hustle and bustle? Don’t look for home fries and scrambled soft, but do look for the NY Cheesecake! Check it out here.

Next, on Thursday in Mitte, shit is getting scientific over at Herman’s who are hosting a Microbiome dinner. Get yourself some education and healthy finger foods to boot. An evening exploring the facts and fallacies of anti- and probiotics and their influence on the human body’s health and well-being. Check it out here.

Next, on Friday in Kreuzberg, get ready for the excitement of Australia day at Piri’s who will be launching the “Australia Day Double Up” Chicken Sandwich. And when you think, chicken sandwich, its is legit, a chicken sandwich. Like all chicken! Check it out here.

Next, and also on Friday in Mitte, this has been getting a lot of love from the scene, so if you are in the cool crew, you are obliged to go check out Chung King Noodles who are doing spicy numbing ChungKing style noodles. Only doing pop-ups at the moment, which leads Mr. Eatler to ask, when will the moment evolve into a restaurant? Check it out here.

On Sunday, you got, To The Regiment, admittedly an oddly named pop up that is going down at JaJa in Neukölln, but the founders assure Mr. Eatler that this is a temporary title. The deal is an intriguing looking menu with “common sense sourcing” Check it out here.

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