Closings And Grabs: Burger Und Pommes, Imbiss 204

January 22, 2018|Openings

Short one for the closings rundown: Friedrichshain- Burger Und Pommes, aptly named for what they serve, are sadly up for grabs. The joint has been around for about five years and serve pretty solid burger by all accounts. However we will all be sad to loose their Potato Pancake Burger! Say it ain’t so! Nevertheless the joint can be in the hands of a willing entreperneur at a modest rent of around 550 bucks a month. Unclear what the key money is, but at 34sqm, even fully stocked it would probably be reasonable.

Pettenkofer str. 2b am Ring

Prenzlauer Berg- Imbiss 204 over on Prenzlauer Allee has shut down. Quite immediately it seems, and they are refunding any vouchers. This joint has recieved love from different players over the years and it comes across as a bit of a shock to the fans. Unclear what will be up with the place, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of developments.

Prenzlauer Allee 204

burger und pommes

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