Manneck Calls Out Hypocrisy On Bocuse Nostalgia

January 21, 2018|Gossip

So Bocuse died. Thats a thing now and for the next few minutes it would seem. Everybody who ever picked up a fucking ladel is changing their goddamn Facebook profile picture and uttering the slogan “Je Suis Bocuse!” And while its a great and honourable thing to appreciate the venerated Maestros of all and any respectable professions, the palpable irony of the circumstance is only just mildly amusing. Hipster gastronomes fighting for a “different way” seem to be fondly nostalgic when the coast is clear and its safe to do so. This is not a Paul Bocuse admonition, if you want to show your love, then show your love, but then Mr. Eatler recommends you adopt the Groucho Marx’s guide to social hygiene which says:

“Those are my principles and if you don’t like them… well I have others.”  -Groucho Marx

Mr. Eatler leaves it to Ramses Luevano Manneck, chef at Wagner Cocktail Bistro who put it as only an eloquent chef could:

When was the last time anyone cooked a Bocuse recipe? Why is the world of cooking full of tattoo sleeves when the master only had one? In today’s society, why are we mourning a guy who considers women to be good cooks but no good chefs? A guy who according to the BBC “maintained two long-term extramarital relationships while also having a series of shorter affairs.”, is a trending topic, and no one confronts it. The Michelin guide that all the cool kids love to hate was built on this guys talent (for 65 years). The cooking equivalent of Mother Theresa and Henry Kissinger. What a drag. -R.L. Manneck-


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