Weekend Events: Green Kale, Tamales, Street Food & More

January 19, 2018|Events

Weekend events…

We got EAT THE ARTS over in Neukölln because you need to up the highbrow culture in your life. Reservations only, but ticks are only eighteen bucks. Should be cool. Check it out here.

Tamales, Tamales & Tamales, is a pretty self explanatory title of this event over in Friedrichshain, at Tentacion Mezcalothek, which sounds fucking off the hook. Check it out here.

Over in Prenzlauer Berg you got “Defftig Gröenkohl Änten” so pretty strait forward here, sausages and most of all, Green Kale. The even is hosted by Kohlenquelle Kopenhagener. Check it out here.

Last up, over at the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg we got STREETFOOD AUF ACHSE doing hardcore Turkish streetfood. Look at that picture down there! Don’t you want to take a bath in whatever the hell that is!: Check it out here.

weekend events

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