The The Regiment!! Intriguing Pop Up Series Launch

January 19, 2018|Gossip

Interesting looking PopUp from a new joint looking for their permanent home. To the Regiment! will be popping over at JaJa next Sunday evening. They’ll be offering a super intriguing menu including exotic combinations of courses like Haggis & Tomintoul, Brown Crab & Jerusalem Artichoke, Edelschwein Neck, Cavalo Nero & Anchovy, and Sourdough Ice Cream among other things at a steal of 28 bucks plus alcohol. Deal of the month if you ask Mr. Eatler. The tagline of the joint: “a common sense approach to carefully sourced produce” Oh GODDAMN!! Mr. Eatler approves! Reservations only, Check it out here.

And now, what about that name? Its a temp. until the official title is settled upon… and so the popup series is given… To The Regiment! 



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