Where’s Waldo Bourdain???!!! Berlin Parts Unknown

January 12, 2018|Gossip

Anthony Bourdain visited town last week to film his hit CNN show parts unknown and indeed the locations he has visited remain generally unknown except for Fleischerei Domke’s in Freidrichshain. Notably, there are some Berlin gastro luminaries that had been mildly hopeful for one of Waldo Bourdain’s visits, possibly for the exciting notion of having their very own joints featured on the globally successful TV show. But alas, the word is that Bourdain is already on the road and we are left wondering where it was that he went. It seems though that he didn’t hit up BRLO on the offer of having a beer named after him, or get in touch with Berlin Food Stories on the offer of a free döner… next time guys.  Hit up the Mr. Eatler TipLine if you know Where’s Waldo Bourdain.

Where's Waldo BourdainWhere's Waldo Bourdain

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