Are Celebrity Chefs The Next Stage Of Berlin Gastro Trend?

January 10, 2018|Gossip

More than a few Berlin chefs and restaurants have a strong Instagram following and social media presence. Not that this is necessarily a good thing as it doesn’t always correlate to a good restaurant or product, but the publicity, with out a doubt, can help a restaurant. So is Duc Ngo, of Ryotei 893 trying to make a move into celebrity tv chef-dom? Recently the owner and head chef of numerous Berlin joints has made a big public push on social media channels going the way of sort of Julia Childs/Flay/Bourdain style celebrity chefs publicity. We got travel logs, we got chef tutorials, we got daily media displays. Whether it will work or not is still up for debate. But a more interesting question arises, is celebrity chef-dom a new frontier for Berlin chefs and is this actually a good thing? Who’ll be the next gastro mogul to throw their big tall chef’s hat into the celebrity ring? Anyone… anyone?

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