Berlin Restaurant Events Of The Week: Indonesian Burgers…

January 8, 2018|Events

Berlin Restaurant Events Of The Week. A couple of events this week, but the big one is Kantini, Bikini Berlin’s new food court over in Charlottenburg. Here it goes:

Neukölln- Bord’eau in tandem with Anju Kitchen are holding a Vegan Korean Pop Up tomorrow night, the 9th. So kimichi, the vegan piece de resistance of sorts is possibly on the menu? Check it out here.

Neukölln- Crazy Bastard Sauce, (AKA CBS) is holding a lovely sounding conglomerate of alliterative events. Burgers Beer & Boardgames. Three of the funnest things that begin with the letter B. Highlights here include a fucking Peking Duck Burger! Are you fucking kidding, that sounds pretty fucking awesome. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Thursday Polish Dinner is teaming up with some Dutch influence and is holding a dinner on none other than the night of Thursday, named after the Viking God Thor. They’ll be holding the event at an apartment of a sort of cultural crowd sourcing platform called Norn, with apartments across the globe that are utilised by peeps like Thursday Polish Dinner for cultural get togethers. But Mr. Eatler could be way off here, so if you feel like digging into Norn, click here. If you feel like digging into Polish/Dutch dinner, click here.

Neukölln- Kauz & Kiebitz are hosting Kings Kitchen in their endeavour to produce some Indonesian Burgers. That sounds like something that could re-invigorate the burger trend and perhaps put a challenge to the Bao Bun burger craze. In the words of the New York State Lotto Jackpot “Hey, you never know.” Check it out here. 

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