The Daily Dish: Go Eat That Now!!! Charcoal Activated Croissant

January 4, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- For todays Daily Dish we got one coming from Cookies & Co. the new-ish cookie/bakery/cafe up in Prenzlauer Berg who came out today with their new charcoal activated croissant. Go eat this now, just because how interesting does that shit look? Besides its got cream cheese and lox on it. A charcoal croissant with cream cheese and lox sounds almost like what a bad boy might get for Chanukah. But actually it’s a note book, a pencil, and three pairs of sox, but whatever. Go Eat That Now and tell Mr. Eatler all about it. And now, to find out what Coal Activated means….

Senefelderstr. 4


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