New Year’s Eve Roundup + Awkward Messages Of Love From The Gastro Community

January 1, 2018|Gossip

The New Year’s Eve roundup… Mr. Eatler couldn’t begin to cover ALL of the shit that went down in this years gastronomy centric New Year’s Eve celebrations. But!! here are some highlights from some of the joints who happen to find themselves on Eatler’s radar from time to time.

Some peeps were gracious enough to reach out with a message for the happy new year and as you know the Berlin restaurant community is not just a community, its a family. And what would a family be with out some awkward, poorly filmed home movies? The love is real! Here it goes:

Of course the sexy people over at Yafo got down hardcore for the New Years celebration:

Over at Tisk’s event at Atelier we got some posing going on along with a promise that they will see us all in February at their own joint.

Chicago Williams crew undoubtedly partied hard and had a good time as their picture reveals.

Thanks Toni and Pepe, proxy of Nawid, we wish you all the best in the New Year and great 2018!

Glass kept things ultra classy with some Lobster… the classiest of all crustaceans.

Gal Ben Moshe of Glass doesn’t waste words or materials, every inch a molecular man! And Mr. Eatler loves you for that shit!

BRLO Brwhouse went hardcore last night with Ben Pommer’s fondue game making a showing it seems… here is a little New Year’s message from the man himself… Killin’ it Ben, Mr. Eatler love that hat, NY represent!

The prize for the most provocative late night New Year’s Eve bash goes to Einstein for their creative dress code:

And of course Duc Ngo offered up thanks to Berlin after a busy busy… did we say, busy? Yeah busy year.

Aurora Facciola sends you best wishes for the celebrations as Aurora is peacin’ out for the New Year! We all can’t wait to get wine wasted with you again in 2018

The brotherly love is strong over at Kanaan as they wish Berlin and all the world peace and love! An inspirational crew if ever there was one!

And last but not least, people are getting Fucked Up over at Khwan and have rung in the New Year with booze and bbq… truly the world’s most beloved combo.

Mr. Eatler loves you all and wishes you the best in the coming 2018. Lets link antlers and hope the world stays intact for one more year! Thanks for the messages and the amazing, perfect, sweet moments of awkwardness.


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