Berlin Restaurant Events Of The Week

January 1, 2018|Events

Well, all of us here at Mr. Eatler’s house certainly hope that you have had a happy new year. For most people new years is a time for hope, a time for hedonistic gayety, pleasure and joy. For Berlin and Mr. Eatler it means, Berlin Restaurant Events Of The Week. We got a few interesting things lined up in town it seems. From the festive, to the political, the brilliant and the more brilliant. Here it goes:

For today we got a Neujahrsbrunch over at ALvis, in Mitte, offering a more classical spread of German breakfast. Check it out here. 

On Thursday we got a Pizzafest going on over at Prometeo over in Kreuzberg, and lets face it, as fests go, Pizzafest is right up top with orgy and ice cream fests. Check it out here.

On Friday we got a little bit of exotic-ness coming out from CBS Kitchen over in Neukölln who are putting out an event titled The Manchester Curry Mile. That’s right, an ode to the famous Manchester Curry Mile, quoting delicacies from the exotic British isle. Check it out here.

And On Saturday we got two big events over in Prenzlauer Berg to take note of, first up is Kanaan, along with Cookies & Co and Anachron who are hosting another Israeli Palestinian Breakfast. Mr. Eatler asks why are we fighting, Israel, Palestine… You say tomato, I say potato, can’t we all just say hummus? Check it out here.

And of course after breakfast you can go check out the opening of the new Bird Barbecue that has got a new in house smoker doing the dirty work for them. Lets show them love on their grand opening night. Check it out here.

Thats it for this weeks edition of Berlin restaurant events. Stay tuned for more…

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