Tim Raue’s Sra Bua Floats New Menu, Trendiest Dish Included

December 29, 2017|Gossip

Mitte- Sra Bua, Tim Raue’s joint over at the Adlon is calling in the freshness to mix up the resto game. Since its opening about five years ago, Sra Bua has held a pretty solid place in the Berlin Gastro firmament. But perhaps as times are changing and the face of the Berlin restaurant world is developing Sra Bua has felt the need to mix things up. Indeed they are launching a new menu in the next year which seems to include the trendiest dish in town, The Pulpo. Yes, we have seen it displayed in different iterations, whether it be Kin Dee, or Night Kitchen, or Nauta, this dish seems to be the hit of the year. Trend or not, it’s most likely a safe bet that whatever comes out of Raue’s kitchen is top notch.

Behrenstraße 72

trendiest dish

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