New Joint W Pop Up Trend Keeping Things Hush Hush?

December 29, 2017|Gossip

Schöneberg?- Ormus, the pop up joint that was held over at Papilles a couple of weeks ago has been threatening the opening of their own joint for a while. However this has not yet come to complete fruition as the head chef/creator of the joint has been using his many talents across various theatres of gastronomy over the past months. Up to this point its all been pretty hush hush, but could era be drawing to a close?

Earlier it became clear that the very same head chef is on the hunt for an able bodied gastronomy crew here in Berlin. Is this another pop up, or is it the more permanent rooting that we’ve been hoping for? There isn’t much chatter as of yet and social media is pretty vague at the moment. The upcoming project is supposed to be only a one month gig, but who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of a new era for the Ormus concept.

hush hush

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