Openings Renovation Report For New Vietnamese Joint

December 27, 2017|Openings

Today’s openings rundown is a little different as its rare that you get a reno. report in the same breath as an opening but its a wild crazy world we’re living in. So we have an openings renovation report. Here it goes

Mitte- Eden, a new Vietnamese joint opened up a couple of weeks ago in the shadow of the Friedrichstr. train station. The joint itself looks highly invested but oddly the sister restaurant right next door is under wraps because of some plumbing issues. This location had long been a gastro spot of the Asian persuasion and its unclear if this is new ownership or the original owners re-investing. Certainly the newest iteration of the location is aiming at a higher end, but still casual experience, especially since they would theoretically offer a “fast food” version next door to the new restaurant. The fast food Viet Box joint looks as if its going to be undergoing renovations until the end of January 2018

Georgen Straße 25

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