Openings: New Resto Blending In At New Pullman Hotel

December 21, 2017|Openings

Openings: Another short one today, it looks as if the holiday season is a difficult time to open a joint. But isnt the holdiay season actually just difficult to commit to anything? Don’t you just want to say “fuck it, lets do it after the new year.” For today we got one new joint at the Pullman Hotel. Here it goes:

Charlottenburg- Blend Kitchen, the resto. in the newly opened hotel opened up this past week with much fanfare and pomp what with dancing and music and monkeys and everything. Yeah, they had a band with monkey faces masks on. The cuisine? Melting Pot. No joke, that is the cuisine they are slinging. So a mish mash of AmeraEurAsia style dishes. So the name of the restaurant is apt. The joint itself looks relatively invested and uniquely decorated and continues the path of the modern-ish hotel.

Budapester Strasse 25

pullman hotel


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