Berlin Anti Semitism Rears It’s Hummus Hating Head

December 21, 2017|Gossip

Schöneberg- Restaurant Feinburg’s, and Israeli joint a short walk off of Nollendorf Platz was featured in a video that is catching a viral trend. That’s right, they put out a video of an uncomfortable discourse with what can only be described as an asshole, but that is only Mr. Eatler’s opinion, not a fact. However it seems that this particular asshole is also an anti semitic one, either that or maybe off of the meds. In any case, Berlin Anti Semitism hasn’t disappeared after all it seems.

The restaurateur put out the video after some sort confrontation that happened with a presumable passerby as it is likely that the fellow in the video would not allow himself to be a patron of the restaurant. The video is in German, so get out your rosetta stone. And if that’s annoying, well, you’re in Germany, so hurry the fuck up and learn a little Deutschy. But in summary, the video basically shows this fool railing against the Jews and Israelis and their supposed love of money and so on.

The usual repertoire from the troglodyte mouth breathers. Not big minds at play in this one. Again, these are all just Mr. Eatler’s opinion. No comment yet from the restaurateur, but the moment they get back to Eatler, we will let you know. In the mean while Happy Happy Chanukah!

Fuggerstr. 35

berlin anti semitism

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