Berlin Restaurant Review Roundup: Bruderherz, La Lucha & More

December 20, 2017|Reviews

Review Roundup:

We got one from Qiez, one from I heart Berlin and one from Berlin Loves You and my-oh-my is there love in the house? Indeed there is. We got hearts, we got souls and we got hearts again. Here is the review roundup:

Charlottenburg- Bruderherz, an Italian joint over in Char-burg got some love from Qiez highlighting the hospitality, the food, and get this, the two Polish brothers that own the joint. That’s right, what happens when you take Italian food and mix it with Polish hospitality… Awesomeness. Check out the full post here.

Kreuzberg- A Walk In The Woods, the pop up held about two weeks ago from some of the former Dottir crew got a large amount of love form Berlin Loves You. The beloved description the Berlin Loves You used to describe the menu? Ballsy, it was a ballsy evening, with ballsy food. And lets face it, how can you not love balls? Mr. Eatler love’s them, Berlin Loves them. Check out the full post here. 

Kreuzberg- La Lucha got some love from I Heart Berlin and awarded the moniker of reinventor of Mexican cuisine. Just beware, you should know that Mexican cuisine is protected by UNESCO and once those guys are on your back, watch the fuck out, orallé!! Check out the full post here. 

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