Berlin Restaurant Openings/Closing: Whoopsy Daisy!!!

December 20, 2017|Openings

Whoopsy Daisy!!! Looks like Mr. Eatler missed this bad boy or somehow the K & K coalition played the proverbial mind fuck.

We’re talking about the new Indian joint up in Prenzlauer Berg- Kreuz & Kümmel opened up early last month. So as previously mentioned, this is an Indian joint, not to be confused with the new Kumpel & Keule, the Neukölln based butchery tasting room which also opened up last month, well softly opened up. In any case, Kreuz & Kümmel have been getting love here and there and have been off to healthy start.

Christburger Str. 13

And for the closings rundown… another shorty…

We got one joint in Reinickendorf- Cafe Mon Balzac is up for grabs, whole inventory of the cafe/bakery, but not much else is known. About a grand a month rent, but unclear what the key money is to set food in the door.

Dianastr. 22

Apoligies for missing that one, all these place with the K & K moniker… which is cool… as long as we leave the third K off.

whoopsy daisy

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  1. It’s not an Indian joint.. it’s Indian inspired..!

    1. so sorry, we will correct and re post

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