Toni Gambino And Mr. Eatler Shoot The…

December 19, 2017|Interviews

Sometimes you meet someone who has so much character that you can’t believe they are real. You’ve only ever encountered them in movies. Its not the way they walk or the way they talk. It’s not how they dress or how they look. Its not any of those things. Its something about them that projects so much charisma and so much charm that you instantly feel like they are your best friend. They have a certain kind of energy that beguiles you into their world and for a brief moment you get to live the cinematic life with them. Mr. Eatler had a chance to have a conversation with one of these people. The gregarious and larger than life entity that is Toni Gambino. Along with his partner Nawid Samawat, Toni owns Chicago Williams, one of the most successful and fucking awesome BBQ joints in all of Berlin.

This couldn’t be some sort of regular old interview. Mr. Eatler couldn’t sit down and write… “and then he said this etc…” Something about this encounter could only be enshrined in the cinematic format and so Mr. Eatler gives what may be the first scene of the a new movie entitled:

Mr. Eatler and Toni Gambino Shoot The Shit. 

Well, Toni, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You can go check out Chicago Williams in Mitte: Hannoversche Str. 2. and perhaps meet the legend, the star, the Toni as he lives large with Nawid down at Chicago Williams!! 

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