Restaurants Berlin: Weekend Roundup- News & Gossip

December 18, 2017|Gossip

Weekend Roundup:

Gossip and news from the restaurateurs and restaurants Berlin has to offer today.

Duc Ngo, owner of Madam Ngo, Ryotei 893, Funky Fisch and a few more joints in town recently took an extended trip to Japan which was documented and will hopefully be produced into some kind of media presentation. Filled with tons of pics of the culinary adventures of Mr. Ngo and his crew, he returned this past weekend and broke the news that he and his are opening up a new joint in Charlottenburg. Was the Japanese adventure a study field trip. If it was it wont be for the new joint scheduled to open up in about a month and will feature Vegan cuisine. Here are some pics of the construction in action.

Head chef of Wagner Cocktail Bistro, Ramses Luevano Manneck achieved 34 this past weekend and went to celebrate with a full dinner of deserts it seems over at Coda Bar, before holding a birthday event over at the new bistro. Congratulations on 34 you old bastard and as Mr. Eatler’s people say, until 120.

Mr. Susan, the KimChi slinging American/Korean comfort food creators signed a new lease on the former location of the old Gambrinus tavern over in Mitte. Congrats on the big step.

And last but not least, congratulations to the crew over at Glass, not necessarily for the recent Gault Millaux adjudication of 16 points, but also for the new digs. They had been doing renovations for the past few months while still maintaining the resto. in working order, but they are done are ready to for the molecular rocking.

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