Restaurants Berlin: Openings- #KantstrassenMafia At It, & More

December 18, 2017|Openings

The openings rundown

All the new restaurants Berlin has to offer today.

Gesundbrunnen- Hotel Big Mama opened its restaurant presumably by the same titular heading, but its a little unclear what they are calling the joint. Suffice it to say they serve “fresh Asian food” which is seemingly an assorted melange of cultural highlights from the orient. They are also in a soft opening mode, but this seems to be the byword of the day for new restos. Nevertheless, a good idea if you’re way out in G-brunn.

Koloniestrasse 24

Charlottenburg- Toki The White Rabbit, a new joint opening up a the hands of none other than the able and capable #Kantstrassenmafia. ?That’s right Duc Ngo’s associate from Funky Fisch is opening up a vegan joint down the street and around the corner from Kant Strasse. Unclear exactly when, but it the mock ups look spiffy. They are looking for peeps to man the fort as well. Keep a look out for pregnancy report, it looks like due date is early 2018.


Schöneberg- Urban Supply, health food coffee shop opened up about a month ago down on Potsdamerstr. They’ve already been spotted catering to the corporate crews out for lunch, but lets face it, corporate crews out for lunch need yummy food too. Place looks pretty solid food wise, and has a sort of industrial chic flare.

Potsdamer Str.182,

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