Events Of The Week: Berlin Christmas Dinners

December 18, 2017|Events

Events of the week, things are Christmassy this week it seems, but there are a few other things happening in the gastro scene besides the Berlin Christmas game.

Mitte- Lust is hosting a Rice Is Life vegan event later this week and Mr. Eatler concurs. Rice is indeed life. Various delights include strait forward rice, but also “Light & Tangy Mango Rice Paper Parcels, Layered Silky Steamed Coconut Rice Cubes with Green Mung Beans, Peanut filled Taro-Rice Roll wrapped in Crispy Bean Curd, Little Glutinous Rice Balls scattered on a sweet smooth Bean Paste with Crispy Rice Paper” That sounds fucking awesome. Check it out here

Neukölln- Curry Club is going on again this week down in Neukölln at the Balera wineshop “Dishing up authentic curries and exploring curry as it circumnavigates the globe.” Menu still to come. Check it out here.

And now we have four Berlin Christmas events, for any people who are looking to spend Berlin Christmas eve on the gastro scene…

Wedding- Spazio, the new Italian joint is going to hold a Christmas Eve seafood event. Check it out here.

Friedenau- Malafemmena, the Italian joint down south of Schöneberg beloved for their pizza is holding a “In Buffala We Trust” and indeed, on a religious holiday, Mr. Eatler concurs. Check it out here.

Mitte- Lawrence, the six month old Syrian joint is holding their laid back Christmas Eve with some Syrian cuisine for a more historically accurate sort of menu. Check it out here.

Schöneberg- La Cocotte, for if you want to have a more Francophile Christmas Eve, foie gras is a thing to behold, the goose suffered for your sins, yummy sins its true, but kind of like, you know who. Check it out here.

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