Openings/Closings: Glitzy, Glamorous, Steaks

December 15, 2017|Openings

Well, the beautiful people have donned their gilded robes, shod their feet with high heeled footwear, and sashayed down the glitzy pathways that lead to the new GQ bar over in Grunewald. It doesn’t look like there were any A listers in this event, just a GQ board and some flash glare. A very swanky looking joint indeed. There is one closing on the rundown though.

Charlottenburg- Bison, higher end steak house off of Adenauer Platz is up for grabs. Pretty swanky joint for a heavy 12 grand a month and its fully stocked, and get this, there is a charcoal grill. However, all the inventory is rented, which perhaps means that all the kitchen and interior is not part of the deal, but with out the inventory the price is cheaper. A bit unclear what key money is, but perhaps with out the rented inventory its a non issue? Mr. Eatler apologizes for all of the questions.

Brandenburgische Straße 32


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