Restaurant Openings: High Brow And Chicken Joints

December 14, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown, we got one for the high brow and one for the proletariats and we are not going to say which is for which. Here it goes:

Grunewald- The GQ Bar over at the Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel has at long last had its opening day. The launch over there happened last night to an invite crowd only after the initial announcement of the bar opening up this past summer. Well, best of luck to the crew over at the Schlosshotel.

Brahmstrasse 10

Wedding- Chibee – Korean Chicken & Beer joint over in Wedding is going to have its opening part this weekend. The deal is pretty much in the title and what more do you really need to know about it. Chicken, beer… Korean. Yum.

Tegelerstrasse 29a

high brow

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