Openings? Dottir Offshoots Continue Pop Up Parade

December 13, 2017|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Dottir’s children growing so fast it seems, as a group of chefs that formerly worked at Dottir, so literaly Dottir offshoots are holding more and more events. They’ve been holding pop ups for the last few months and the last one was just two weeks ago. The next pop up will be in two days and is called Sønner, which means son, the opposite of Dottir which means daughter, so an ode to the forbears? When Mr. Eatler asked the head chef about the possibilty of doing their own joint it seemed like pop ups are just fine for the crew right now. So lets see what happens. Check out their upcoming pop up here.

Yorckstraße 80


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