Berlin Restaurants New Year’s Eve Rundown

December 13, 2017|Events

Here we go, the new year’s rundown, if you can’t find your new year solution here just stay home and Netflix hardcore, because its just over. Anyway, here it goes:

Prenzlauer Berg Mrs. Robinson’s, the old lady has a feast coming… highlight dishes- Lobster, Corn, Vin Jaune Hollandaise… and the clincher, the one we’ve been waiting for Pork Takoyaki, Umbrian Black Truffle,Smoked Maple. 

Prenzlauer Berg MAM is doing a menu. Highlight dish: 150g Flank Steak Sweet Potato Puree, with a Thai Basil & Vanilla Sauce.

Kreuzberg BARKIN Kitchen is doing a menu for 75 bucks with an optional cocktail pairing for 95.

Mitte To The Bone, is doin’ it bad to the bone style. Highlight dish: Oeufs en cocotte with bone marrow… legit to the bone.

Charlottenburg Savoy Berlin, more of a strait forward new years eve gala. Highlight dish: Beef fillet in juniper sauce 

Tiergarten Golvet isn’t going to tell the likes of you what your are going to eat, so come an enjoy if you can get a seat. Hey if you had a star would talk to you?

Charlottenburg Restaurant DUKE holding that jazzy sort of new year’s eve (Mr. Eatler does not know if there is actually going to be jazz, but you know… its DUKE, and it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.) Highlight dish: Lukewarm lobster tartar “Chanel No.5” 

Mitte Zenkichi doing that semi private special omakase and sake selection for the new year’s eve event. Hightlight dishes: Grilled Lobster Gratin… oh, and, Foie Gras with Taro.

Kreuzberg BRLO Brwhouse is throwin’ down for New Years with the most fun of foods, the fondue. Hightlights: Cheese Fondue, and Fondue Chinoise

Mitte The Castle is holding a NYE event for the more proletariat who want to spend new years without dealing with all the stuffy mother fuckuhs… just go have fun at The Castle and get fucking sloshed.

Mitte Yafo, “Who’s ready to fall in love, 2018” Yafo’s NYE event is bound to be wild, fun and sexy as fuck… Go join the chaos over at the eat and hang for 2018 Silvester.

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