Berlin Restaurant Openings: Skalitzer Str. The Winningest Straße

December 12, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown, Skalitzer Str. is the winner of todays rundown it seems with two items on the strip. Here it goes.

Schöneberg- Kojiterie, new vegan cheese shop opened up a couple of days ago for a legit semi-soft opening, and there is truly no pun intended. Yup, for September they’ve been open only weekends, but come next year its full time, vegan cheese over at Kojiterie. Also, could vegan cheese define a new market for itself rather than qualifying cheese? C’mon vegan cheese, be proud of yourself… say it loud, I’m a processed substitute for hardened rotten milk products, and I’m proud.

Hohenstaufen str. 39

Kreuzberg- Wukong, new Asian fusion joint is in the official opening down on the more and more vibrant Skalitzerstr. Well it’s a softy yet again which is fine by Mr. Eatler as it usually comes with a discount, so for the soft-opening they have 20% welcome discount on everything!

Skalitzer str.81

Kreuzberg- And down the street from Wukong is Kumpel & Keule is progressing into official hood as they continue the soft opening and are beginning to publicize the joint. Seems like the hit of the opening is the Tartar, which for a butcher, must make the K&K group extremely proud.

Skalitzer str. 97

Mitte- Bite Club is launching their next event coming up soon across the street from Galerie Lafayette in the even swankier Quartier 206. Bite Club has been the scene of many-a-culinary heroics and as it grows, can we expect it to find some sort of permanent home?

Friedrich str. 71

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