Pregnancy Report: Sneak Peek At Schwein Rebirth

December 12, 2017|Knocked Up

Charlottenburg- Oh shit! Santa is bringing some treats and Mr. Eatler feels like a little kid running down the stairs for his Christmas gift. The news we’ve been waiting for is coming to fruition as Schwein and head chef Kümper are inching ever closer to reopening over in Char-burg. Schwein’s absence has been sorely felt ever since they closed up shop in Mitte and got on the westward wagons due to some questionable goings on over at the original venue. This should hopefully set the world right as Schwein’s closing followed a triumphant first year with gilded decrees of excellence from Meisterköchen, who have to be acknowledged for at least trying to be less stuffy.  The joint looks like its rebirth is imminent as all the anxious foodies are white knuckling it in the waiting rooms.


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