Berlin Gastro Scene Displays A Growing ‘Growing Trend’

December 12, 2017|Gossip

Pretty exciting trend is starting to percolate through the Berlin gastro scene and its particularly exciting for the casual joints with some high end treats. We are talking about the growing trend, the growing hours trend. It looks like the demand for high quality affordable joints that had normally been open for a requisite few days a week are now expanding hours to six days and even seven days a week.

Khwan, that started as an occasional pop up seems to add another day to the schedule every two months are now at five days with plans to be full time in the coming in the next year. Khwan, you’re gunna run out of days soon. The Pit, the Texas BBQ joint just moved to seven days a week. Gordon, the vinyl/coffee shop opened up its kitchen about a month ago and are now expanding to seven days a week.

So what does it all mean? It means Berlin is hungry for all that goodness.

growing trend

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