Events Of The Week: Truffles, Rice Balls, 3D Movies & More

December 11, 2017|Events

Events Of The Week: We got it all, fried rice, Marco Polo, and truffles. Here it goes.

Charlottenburg- Honor the white truffle over at Thal later today. Its a steep price but what can you expect of a multi course menu heavily laden with the heavenly shroom. Check it out here.

Prenzlauer Berg- Orlando Berlin is holding an Arancina event Orlando event will take place to celebrate one of Italy’s gastronomic gems: the Arancina a stuffed and fried rice ball. Whether with meat, butter or spinach, during the Arancina Day you have the chance to have a taste of Sicily’s culinary heritage. Check it out here.

Tiergarten- Le Petit Chef continues the Marco Poloesque 3D dinner show that is six course menu that takes place over two hours. Looks like an interesting event that has been going on since early November and will continue until the end of February. Check it out here.

Neukölln- Moksa, the beloved Indian joint has come upon some hard times and has been unfortunately targeted by a cavalcade of unhappy, noise sensitive neighbours. But not ones to walk the via dolorsa meekly they are holding their heads up high and carrying their cross into their last supper…. at the current location!!! We look forward to their future. Check out the even here. 

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