Berlin Restaurant Openings: Spoons, Grills, And Parties

December 11, 2017|Openings

Berlin Restaurant Openings Rundown Spoons at the ready!! We got one in Willi, one in Neukölln and one in Mitte. Here it goes

Wilmersdorf- Löffel, new Bistro/Gastro wine bar looking joint opened up this past week not far from Preusenpark. They do regional food with emphasis on the locality of it all. Their philosophy is: Quality for a fair price. High quality products/food for the dishes and an evolving menu with some stable classics thrown in for good measure.

Sigmaringerstraße 8a

Neukölln- Balkan Grill opened up earlier this month in a new location with an expanded menu. Sooo… meat. Lots and lots of meat, as one might expect from a grill. But somehow the Balkan-ness of it all gives the impression that its just that much meatier. Pretty strait forward grill joint, without too many frills.

Hermanstraße 70

Mitte- Soddom & Gomora had their opening party this past weekend after a relaunch of the concept. The joint closed down for a couple of weeks for a renovation and handover to the new management… The owner’s new bride has taken charge of the helm over at S&G.

Torstrasse 164

berlin restaurant



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