Closings Rundown: Italian Persuasion Suffering Losses

December 8, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown, one in Wedding and one in Willi both of the Italian persuasion… sort of.

Wedding- Cafe Cappuccino is up for grabs up in Wedding, a little unclear what the name of the joint is, whether it is Majers, or Cafe Cappuccino, but nonetheless its Müller straße. Cute lookin’ joint near Schillerpark. Family selling for personal reasons. Monthly rent at one grand, unclear what the key money is.

Müllerstr. 113a

Wilmersdorf- La Rustica, Italian joint formerly in Mitte moved out west about five years ago is throwing in the towel it seems. They had a few good write ups over the years but it looks like its just time to move on. 85 grand key money and about 1200 per month. Naturally concept can change, but they’re willing to sell the whole kit’n caboodle as the saying goes.

Nestorstrasse 55A,

italian persuasion

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